Wireless Aficionado.

Eddie Forero

¡Hola! Eddie Forero here, wireless professional, and Founder at CommunicaONE Inc. 

I design, deploy, troubleshoot, and provide training on wireless LANs. It's my passion. 

BAD-FI began to highlight some of wrong ways that Wi-Fi has been deployed with the hope that, through the funny, it would serve to teach people about properly deploying wireless networks and prevent future BAD-FI. Not simply posting pictures of poor installs, but to educate about WHY it’s wrong, and WHAT can be done to fix it.

Over time the site has morphed into a resource of sorts. I post links to podcasts on wireless and networking, blogs, and other fantastic resources across the Internet from very smart people, all to hopefully help those who are interested in Wi-Fi, and have to deploy and manage it.

Basically, I realized I love sharing the knowledge and don’t want to keep this a secret club only for the chosen few. So, enjoy the site, have a laugh, and learn a little. On me!

I’m also a musician, and along with my wife Tami, have been performing in one fashion, or another, since we were teenagers. On occasion we’ll line up a gig somewhere and do our thing. I post stuff on SoundCloud.

I can be found on Twitters @HeyEddie and all my stuffs can be found below. ⇣