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REVIEW: AirTool 1.0


I've been beta testing a new app called AirTool from developer Adrian Granados for a few days. It finally went live today, so here is an overview of the app .

What does it does:

  • Select specific channels to perform a pcap on in 2.4/5GHz.
  • Select channel width
  • Capture on ALL 2.4/5GHz channels (hops through channels during pcap.)
  • Open pcap in Wireshark automatically upon stopping capture.
  • Visual indicator in task bar of channel/width

Best of all the app is FREE! 


Here is a link to make a donation via paypal. Let's help keep independent developers working!

COOL TOOL: Quicksilver Remote-Host Plugin

Quicksilver Remote Host Plugin from Eddie Forero (@HeyEddie) on Vimeo.

One of all-time favorite apps is Quicksilver on Mac. It’s a fantastic tool for quickly launching apps, searching for files, etc. But, it’s soooo much more. With the additional plug-ins you have the powerhouse Swiss Army Utility Knife of OS X.

Here is one of my favorite plug-ins that I use EVERY DAY.

The Remote Host Plug-in. This plugin lets you easily SSH, RDP, VNC, etc. into any accessible device.

Get QuickSilver now!

What’s been impossible on iOS, but easy on Android for years, has finally come (back) in iOS 8.

Wi-Fi scanning can now be performed. You can see SSIDs, even hidden ones, and view RSSI. For now, it’s only available via the Apple Airport Utility and it needs to be manually enabled in settings.

Sorry, no API access for 3rd party developers (yet), but at least WLAN aficionados can finally scan wi-fi on iOS devices!

Download Apple Airport Utility: