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For students of the ECSE class:  Often things come up during our discussions that I will document here so the we can refer back to it at any time. Things like links to survey tools, white papers, conferences, etc. that may be of interest to those wanting to learn more, and have a better understanding of WiFi, how it works, and properly design and deploy it. 

This is a “Living” document that will be updated periodically as items are added/removed/changed.

CWNP (Certified Wireless Network Professional)

If you want to learn more about wifi, or pursue a career in WiFi the CWNP program is must. At the very least you should get the CWNA (Certified Wireless Network Administrator) Study Guide (by David Wescott/David Coleman) and keep it next to your copy of Microsoft Exchange for Dummies for reference. 

CWNP Website

CWNPTV - YouTube

Get the CWNA (Certified Wireless Network Administrator) Study Guide

WLPC (Wireless LAN Professionals Conference)

This is THE conference to go to if you are a Wireless LAN Professional. The conference is held in multiple locations around the world. If you can't make it all the sessions are recorded and posted for FREE on the YouTubes!!

WLPC World Tour Dates - Wireless LAN Professionals

Wireless LAN Professionals - YouTube

People to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is a great resource to learn from other professionals, ask questions, have conversations, and make friendly with others in the WiFi community. A very generous community. The BEST community.

Here are a few follows to get you started:

802.11ax for Dummies

A great guide written by David Coleman of Aerohive. It gives a clear explanation of 802.11ax and it's new features. This book explores current Wi-Fi challenges, the vision for 802.11ax, as well as some foolish assumptions we’ll address. We’ll help you understand key 802.11ax technologies and design enhancements that you’ll want to consider. Including ten things you definitely need to know to be ready to prepare yourself for the this Wi-Fi paradigm shift.

Here is a webinar David did on 802.11ax.

Bad-Fi Tool-roll

A regularly updated list of tools Wireless LAN Professionals use.

Captive Portal Behavior by Wireless Broadband Alliance

The goal for this project is to document captive portal behavior across the various client devices and to hopefully make it easier to build captive portal solutions that offer a better experience for users.

FCC ID Search

Search the FCC database for device capabilities.

How to use Some Airport Utility as a WiFi Scanner

Apple iOS 8 WiFi Scanning Returns! - Airheads Community

Lessons learned Deploying an all-wireless office

Learn more about how to deploy a successful and reliable wireless office. The Wireless expert, George Stefanick, shares his hands on experience and best practices, including the good, bad, ugly and hurdles that is needed to overcome for a successful and reliable process.

Mike Albano’s Device Capabilities List

An online, constantly updated list of mobile clients and their capabilities. Find out if a device supports DFS channels or not, if they are a/n/ac, does it support 11k, etc. You can even contribute a device if it is not already on the list by following his instructions.

Options for Wireless Packet Captures in Windows

In Windows, you cannot effectively analyze wireless frames, because you are unable to put the wireless NIC in "RF Monitor Mode" - that is the mode in which the wireless NIC can see ALL 802.11 frames in the air, not just ones intended for itself.

Here are some options for doing just that in Windows.

Overview of Modulation Constellations

YouTube video by @KeithRParsons on understanding 802.11 Modulation.

Overview of Primary & Secondary Coverage

Understanding Primary and Secondary Coverage by Devin Akin

Practical Wireless Packet Analysis - WiFiShark-Fu

My presentation at WLPC 2019 on Wireshark and wireless packet captures.

Rate Limiting on WiFi and It’s Affects on Utilization

Good overview of why you shouldn’t rate limit on WLANs by @‪@WirelessJimP‬. Jim goes over how disabling rate limiting allows Denver Airport to have the best Airport WiFi on the Worlss.

Roaming: Apple iOS/Mac & Samsung Devices

Understanding how your clients make decisions is vital in determining design requirements.

Things I Have Learned About Wireless Design

This video by Keith Parsons is an excellent overview of understanding the rules for effective Wireless designs. A MUST watch!

Understanding DFS

Blog post from @WiFiNigel explaining DFS in great detail as well as their impact on wireless clients and WLAN design decisions.

Nice DFS Infographic [PDF] by ‪@VergesFrancois‬

WLAN Design for Dummies

Ekahau put out their own book under the "for Dummies" moniker of wireless design. This book gives beginners an understand of WiFi, how it works, and how to start designing for it.

WLAN Troubleshooting Guide

This guide from Aerohive Networks is actually the troubleshooting chapter from the new CWNA Study Guide. One of the authors, David Coleman, works for Aerohive and has made it available for anyone to download.

Great, practical information on troubleshooting wireless issues.


Conducting a GPS Assisted Outdoor Site Survey

Ekahau GPS Survey on Windows

Wi-Fi Amanda shows you how to use GPS with Ekahau.

Ekahau iPerf Server

Ekahau only officially supports it's own custom version called "ePerf3 Server" for Active Throughput measurements. This blog explains ow to set it up.

Intro to Ekahau Report Templates

Here is a deep dive into CUSTOM reporting for Ekahau. While the One-Click report is convenient, the custom reports are much more powerful and give you much more flexibility.

And new from @NickJVTurner --- Ladies and Gentlemen!

2x more @ekahau report templates for your perusal.

Specific SSID visualisations

AP Scale, change the size of the AP spot/circle on your map

And More Report Templates over here.


Merging Ekahau Project Files

How and When to Merge Ekahau Project Files


AccelTex Compact PoE+ Battery Pack

Great new PoE+ Battery Pack!

Ventev / TerraWave - VenVolt

Ventev VenVolt 802.3at PoE+ Site Survey Battery Pack

RAVPower 23000mAh Portable Charger 

3-prong AC output with a power supply on / off switch indicator for any device up to 70W (To turn ON the AC power, hold the power button for 8 seconds).

RAVPower 23000mAh Portable Charger 4.5A DC Output External Battery Pack (3-Port, 9V/12V/16V/19V/20V, LCD Display) for Macbook, Laptops, Smartphones: Camera & Photo


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