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LinkNYC's free gigabit Wi-Fi is here, and it is glorious

After connecting to one of LinkNYC’s gigabit wireless hotspots, the futuristic payphone replacements that went live for beta testing this morning, I’m seeing download speeds of 280 Mbps and upload speeds of 317 Mbps (based on Speedtest’s benchmark).

I'm eager to see how this looks when hundreds of people are connected to each of these APs. This was a speed test taken right when the Wi-Fi went live, not when it was in full use by the NYC metropoli.

I've some concerns about this due to stuff I've read and some pictures I saw on how the APs were installed - indoor Ruckus APs mounted upside-down. Regardless, I think this is awesome - getting free, FAST, wireless to the masses. Hope this works out.