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If You're Going To Use Single-Channel Architecture, At Least Know What You're Doing (via @Badger_Fi)

I don't have much experience with SCA (Single-Channel Architecture), other than what I've read, and some not-so-pleasant experiences with Ubiquiti. Mitch Dickey (@Badger_Fi) does, and has some really good stuff to say.

He writes about troubleshooting a problem at a high school that implemented an SCA solution. The problem turned out to be Co-Channel Contention. WAT?! Yup. But, before you think you know what's up, read the post. SCA may not have anywhere near the footprint MCA does in today's world, but it always good to learn something new, especially from someone like Mitch.

Read it here.

Source: https://badger-fi.com/2016/08/31/single-ch...