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♻︎ Today’s Quality Linkage

What is Your Wireless Engineering Worth? About doing things right.

Clarifying Wi-Fi Terminology webinar from iBwave featuring CWNE Alan Blake (@papageordy).

Co-Channel Interference (CCI), in the real world discussion at WirelessGeek.net on CCI and when it matters.

802.11 MAC Series – Basics of MAC Architecture – Part 2 of 3 from CWNP

802.11ax Proposed Enhancements for those interested in what's ahead.

Radio Frequency For Wi-Fi Administrators a Udemy course by GT Hill

Gravitational waves exist: the inside story of how scientists finally found them I love science!

Gravitational Waves Comic and Animation Even I can understand this!

This iOS date trick will brick any device [Video] Imagine someone spoofing an NTP server. 😱

The science behind OK Go’s latest jaw-dropping video Yeah, ♥ these guys!