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When is Wi-Fi blocking justified? by Peter Thornycroft

How Levi’s Stadium Delivered 10 TB of Wi-Fi for the Super Bowl Webinar from Chuck "I'll NEVER be on the Twitter" Lukaszewski. Don't miss this one!

Ruckus Tackles In-Building Cellular Problem Hmm. Interest peaked. For more on CBRS (3.5 GHz) read Ruckus' blog.

WLPC TenTALK by Martin Ericson: VoFi Phones and DFS Channels Things to consider.

This is how wi-fi actually works by @jimvajda Short and to the point.

802.11 Packet Capture Skillz To Pay The Bills by @WirelesssGuru

Engineering the wireless hospital: Mobility and connectivity Good read from the Wi-Fi Alliance.

CWNP overview of DFS and here's the FCCs document on DFS Client Devices

The Hummingbird Effect: what does the wine press have to do with astronomy? Science + History = Kewl!

The IT Crowd: Moss Introduces Jen To The Internet Such a great show. This is one of my faves scenes