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Announcing the Ekahau Master Wi-Fi Certification Jussi from Ekahau just announced this at WLPC. Pretty excited about this new program!

SSID Overhead, Now There's an App for that! WLPC is just full of firsts! @RevolutionWiFi announced an app version of his SSID Overhead calculator built by @RAdzima. Great tool for determining if your SSID count is causing any appreciable effect on your WLAN. Also, great for proving to the customer that 10 SSIDs is not a good thing. 👍

Engineers achieve Wi-Fi at 10,000 times lower power This seems like a very interesting option for IoT. It's all just "in the lab" at the moment, but I see potential. 

WiFi Channel Simulator by CWNE Rick Murphy This is a fantastic tool to visualize channels in 2.5/5Ghz. How many 80Mhz channels are available with, and without DFS? This will show you. Want to visualize for a customer why you shouldn't use overlapping channels (anything other that 1, 6, 11) in 2.4? This will show you. Luv!

Apple: an iPhone Backdoor Would Be Reused by China, Russia, and the US It's about what the Gov't is gonna ask for in the future. Oh, and EVERY OTHER COUNTRY as well.  

802.11ah Emerges to Connect the Internet of Things Old things have become new. 900MHz is being positioned to be the savior of the IoT Apocalypse. 

Designing Wi-Fi Networks for High Capacity. @JussiKiviniemi speaks at BICSI Winter 2016 Conference It's a video. 

What do "your" WiFi clients support? CWNE #150, Mike Albino, has created an online database of wireless clients and their capabilities. In this post Mike shows various ways to get that data from probe requests. This is a great resource for anyone in Wi-Fi. 

Asus lawsuit puts entire industry on notice over shoddy router security Uhg. This is why we can't have nice things. 😕

How Wireless Works  CWNEs Rick Murphy and Devin Akin have a new site that offers resources on wireless. Also, online training to learn Wi-Fi in-depth. Looks great. 

Airport Experiment Shows That People Recklessly Connect to Any Open WiFi Hotspot Personally, I ALWAYS use a VPN when on a public WLAN. Even an encrypted one. But, that's just me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

A tense prequel fully explores Back To The Future’s terrorist backstory Cuz, who doesn't wish Doc Brown was bad-to-bone?