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♻︎ Today’s Quality Linkage

"Integrity and the WLAN Profession” WLPC session by @samuel_clements is a “must watch” for any WLAN engineer.

Building networks where the sun don't shine. @bmroute doing some cool Wi-Fi stuff in the netherworld.

Is there a need for a Spectrum Policy within the Enterprise? by @JustDoWiFi. I can totally see the need for this especially in critical environments like hospitals.

Understanding OFDM CWNE #10 @RickMurphyWiTS posts on OFDM are great.

AiRISTA to acquire Ekahau RTLS Not the Wi-Fi side (whew), but still, big news.

Aruba Visio Stencils Updated stencils. And they work in OmniGraffle too!

COOL TOOL: Netool - Pocket sized  network tester and analyzer First batch of beta units are coming out. Looks to be pretty nice.

Want to clean up India? Turn trash into free Wi-Fi Now THAT's an interesting concept. Socially engineered Wi-Fi.

NASA Releases New High-Resolution Earthrise Image Oh, my stars. 😳

Your Letters Helped Challenger Shuttle Engineer Shed 30 Years Of Guilt What a story. This poor guy was on the right side of history and no one knew.