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Good article detailing the differences between 802.11ax and LTE ↝

Good read from TechPlayOn. It’s short and to the point and outlines the differences between 11ax and LTE which has been using and reaping the benefits of OFDM-A for years.

It was last year when I first read/ discovered about 802.11ax on one of the websites mentioned below as references. Ever since I tried to collect more information and wanted to write about the same. But every passing day/ week/ month, I learnt a new aspect about 802.11ax. Being from Telecom Industry and Radio background, “throughput/speed/data rate ” makes us go ga-ga. Even if anyone ask us difference between 802.11ac vs ax or 3G vs LTE/4G first thing we point out is higher speeds.

But honestly, 802.11ax is much more than only speed. It is complete evolution or shall I say the moment for Wi-Fi Industry. When I started reading about MulteFire, LTE-U/LAA in the same spectrum, was bit worried about Wi-Fi and future as Wi-Fi as technology was designed for neutral environment and didn’t have sophisticated Interference mitigation from external sources. Then came the moment with 802.11ax, the features have made me believe again, Wi-Fi is here to stay and would play greater role in Future Networks, more than enterprise and indoors.
Source: http://www.techplayon.com/802-11ax-vs-lte-...